Group Members  

Suhaila Maluf Shibli
Currículo Lattes

Academic Degrees

  • Bachelor in Physics, University of Campinas - SP (Brazil), 1983
  • M.Sc. in Physics, University of Campinas- SP (Brazil), 1987
  • Ph.D. in Physics, University of Campinas - SP (Brazil), 1991

Personal Status at the University

  • Associate Professor at the University of São Paulo, 2005.
  • Professor Doctor of Physics at the Experimental Physics Department, Physics Institute, University of São Paulo - SP (Brazil).
  • Member of the Complex Fluids Laboratory.

Professional Experience

  • Professor Doctor at the Physics Institute, University of São Paulo (1992-2000).
  • Visiting Professor at McMaster University, Hamilton (ON) - Canadá (march-june, 1997).
  • Visiting Professor at Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill (NJ) - U.S.A. (june-october, 1993).
  • Visiting Researcher at Bell Communications Research (Bellcore), Red Bank (NJ) - U.S.A. (1987-1989).
  • Visiting Professor at McMaster University, Hamilton (ON) - Canadá (december/99-february/2000).

Current Lines of Scientific Interests

  • Physics of Complex Fluids, ferrofluids, ferronematics.
  • Use of thermal techniques in the study of ferronematics and ferrofluids.
  • Use of magnetic techniques in the study of ferronematics and ferrofluids.
  • Use of atomic force microscopy in the study of liquid crystals and ferrofluids surfaces.

List of Publications

1. S.M. Shibli and M.M. Garcia de Carvalho, "Electrical Characterization of Epitaxial Layers of In0,71Ga0,20 As0,63 P0,37",
J. Appl. Phys. 64(1), 235 (1988).

2. J.L. de Miguel, S.M. Shibli, M.C. Tamargo and B.J. Skromme, "Planar Doping with Gallium of Molecular Beam Epitaxial ZnSe",
Appl. Phys. Lett. 53 (21), 2065 (1988).

3. B.J. Skromme, S.M. Shibli, J.L. de Miguel and M.C. Tamargo, "Photoluminescence Characterization of  ZnSe doped with Ga by bulk and planar doping technique in Molecular Beam Epitaxy", J. Appl. Phys. 65  (10), 3999 (1989).

4. S.M. Shibli, M.C. Tamargo, J.L. de Miguel, J. Skromme, R.E. Nahory and H.H. Farrell, "Electrical Characterization of Gallium Planar Doped ZnSe grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy", J. Appl. Phys. 66 (9),  4295 (1989).

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8. B.J. Skromme, N.G. Stoffel, A.S. Gozdz, M.C. Tamargo and S.M. Shibli, "Rapid Thermal Annealing and Ion Implantation of Heteroepitaxial ZnSe/GaAs",Processing and Devices in III-V Compound Semiconductors Symposium, MRS Symposia Proceedings no144(Materials Research Society, Pittsburgh, 1989), pp. 391.

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11. H.H. Farrell, M.C. Tamargo, S.M. Shibli, Y. Chang and J. McNeill, "The Passivation of ZnSe (100) Surfaces via As Capping", J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B9 (2), 264 (1991).

12. M.C. Tamargo, R.E. Nahory, B.J. Skromme, S.M. Shibli, A.L. Weaver, R.J. Martin and H.H.Farrell,"Surface Stoichiometry
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Member of Brazilian Society of Physics (SBF)