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  Post Doctorate Position  

  The Complex Fluids Group at the University of São Paulo (Brazil) seeks a Post-Doctorate, trained in the Complex Fluids Physics Field. Period: 1-4 years.

The applicant must have specific skills on experimental optical techniques, X-ray scattering and diffraction for measuring liquid crystals, ferroelectrics and antiferroelectrics physical parameters, phases transitions on liquid crystals.

Monthly financial support about US$ 2,000.00. If interested, please forward curriculum vitae and two letters of recommendation to:

Universidade de São Paulo,
Instituto de Física,
Departamento de Física Experimental,
Caixa Postal 66.318,
CEP 05315-970 São Paulo (SP), Brasil
Attn: Prof. Dr. Antonio M. Figueiredo Neto,
Fax: (55)(11)3091-6771

Prof. Dr. Antonio M. Figueiredo Neto.
In charge of the Complex Fluids Group

Last update: March 26th 2008